What we do

Megga Bagger

Fully Automated Sandbag Filling Machine


A Polypropylene or Burlap Bag Used For Flood and Erosion Control

CE Plates

Steel Construction Entrance Plates For Track Out Prevention

Erosion Control

Experienced TESC Installers In Preventing Water Pollution, Soil, Wildlife Habitat and Human Property Loss.

Flood Fighter

Hand Held Aid For Filling Sandbags


Privacy, or Split Rail Fencing

The Bag Lady has been the leading filled and empty sandbag supplier all throughout the Northwest since 1991 located in Puyallup, WA. Our company is deeply rooted in the construction industry, with sandbags being our main expertise. Naturally, we decided to branch out into all aspects of the erosion-control industry to use our expertise to maximize our value to clients. We’re also the leading erosion-control installer for all aspects of erosion control in the public and private sector located in Puyallup, WA since the late 90’s. We’ve continued to be the leading provider by being the safest, fastest, and the most ergonomically-friendly, portable sandbagger in the world.

The Bag Lady is one of the pioneers of fabricating automated sandbag-filling machines, with our focus on making it the most ergonomic, easy-to-use, and fastest filling machine on the market. We can guarantee to our clients that this will be the most efficient, and the most reliable process to expedite their projects. We do this by being able to fill 28 bags per minute or 1600 filled bags an hour on a single chute machine, making it incomparable to our competition. The use of these machines vary from flood prevention, military defense applications for sandbag bunkers, and your standard erosion control needs for your project. We’re proud to say that our customers span from all over the world with the machines in North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe, and the South Pacific.

We’ve continued our excellence as the leading erosion-control installer all throughout the world by giving nothing less than our best machines. We inspect each and every machine to be in the best condition for our clients to continue to trust our company with their projects.

To get a better understanding of what The Bag Lady offers, take a look below at just some of the services we currently help our clients in.

  • Megga Bagger

    - Fully-automated sandbag filling machine

  • Sandbags

    - A polypropylene or burlap bag used for flood and erosion control

  • CE Plates

    - Steel construction entrance plates for track out prevention

  • Erosion Control

    - Experienced TESC installers in preventing water pollution, soil, wildlife habitat and human property loss

  • Flood Fighter

    - Handheld aid for filling sandbags

  • Fencing

    - Privacy, or split rail fencing

The “Megga Bagger” is a creation by us to reduce injury while increasing production and supplying our customers with ongoing client satisfaction. Our Megga Bagger is safe, easy-to-use, and maximizes production and we guarantee it by building it by hand, in-house, by our highly-skilled craftsmen. We’re dedicated in bringing our customers flawless construction of each and every Megga Bagger. Each Megga Bagger is rigidly tested to meet the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) requirements before it is ever shipped.

We’ve designed each Megga Bagger to be ergonomically-friendly to significantly reduce back strain and fatigue that troubles over half the population. Poor ergonomics is one of the leading causes of lower back pain in most adults and we’re dedicated to help reduce the chances of injury by introducing the Megga Bagger to our clients.

To simplify what the Megga Bagger is made up of, it includes -  Festo Pneumatics, Honda generators, and Martin Engineering Vibrators, which are examples of components that come standard with every Megga Bagger. It’s made with flat-faced hoppers, coupled with adjustable slide tables, and an air compressor, which is how we’re able to reduce the risk of lower back injury and fatigue.

The Northwest is the region where our clients need us the most because of the high amounts of precipitation that puts many parts of the land at risk of erosion. The large need for erosion control enables us to offer a vast span of services to meet the high demand of the region.

Our erosion control services include: High visibility construction fencing for boundary delineation and project limit, marking of sensitive wetlands areas and tree protection. We also offer fabric catch basin inserts for sediment control in storm drains and catch basins, plastic visqueen covering for temporary stockpiles and exposed soils to prevent slides or soil destabilization.

Our clients also ask for straw wattle socks for low impact site sediment containment, straw mulch blowing for temporary soil stabilization on exposed soil, hydroseeding and bonded fiber matrix for slope and exposed soil stabilization. Our hydroseeding can also be used for lawn and field care to make your lawn the greenest of the neighborhood.

We’re also the first in Puyallup, WA to fabricate steel rumble plates for use as construction entrances to eliminate the need for quarry spalls that would often damage tires, get clogged with mud and debris, which would render them useless, leaving you with more of a headache than before. We brought these plans to the Washington State Department of Transportation and had them approved as an official replacement for quarry spall entrances. They are on the WSDOT QPL list as an approved entrance. We’re excited to be bringing the state of Washington a safer and more reliable alternative for quarry spall entrances.

Being the leading erosion control installer located in Puyallup, WA. The Bag Lady has serviced clients all across the state and have worked on the majority of all the large and small highway and freeway projects over the last 27 years. We want all our potential clients to know  that they can trust our services to be the best and most reliable - that you can find our product all throughout the state of Washington, trusted by the very people we service everyday.

With over 27 years in business in Puyallup WA, our main focus has always been customer service, ensuring that their needs always come first. Prompt responses, 24/7 availability for communication and installation for erosion control in emergency situations, and the best quality of work every time. We believe this to be a winning combination to propel us to continue our excellent service and being the best at what we do. Here at The Bag Lady in Puyallup WA, we’ve built trust with all of our clients to bring them what no other company can guarantee, and that’s quality service, every time.

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